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Average American Now "Loves Saddam", "Hates America"

There are certain things you can always say on this website and count on being accused of comforting the enemy, having a pathological hatred of Bush, or, worst of all, being a “liberal”. But polls show that a funny thing has happened on the way to conservatives taking over the universe: the average American has become an treasonous, Bush-hating, terrorist-coddling (all in the the conservative mind, of course) liberal.

Consider this striking CBS News poll on Iraq. Not only do nearly two-thirds of Americans disapprove of Bush's handling of the Iraq war, but 59% think the US should “leave Iraq as soon as possible”. Most Americans are now substantially more anti-Iraq-war than John Kerry was during his presidential campaign. (He just talked about reducing the number of troops under certain conditions.)

Some of you probably think this poll was cooked up by Dan Rather, but consider this Zogby poll. 45% of likely voters indicated that Bush is doing a “Poor” job with Iraq. Poor. Not pretty good. Not an A for effort, or a even a B or a C. And it is not just Iraq. Bush is getting marked “Poor” or “Fair” on almost everything. Bush is even in trouble among NASCAR fans. (And as John Kerry supposedly-but-not-really said, who among us doesn't enjoy NASCAR?)

I know that I am going to hear the argument that the Democrats are too inept to really take advantage of Bush's weakness. That could be true, but it is really not my point. What I think these polls demonstrate is that views that posters on this board routinely label “Bush-bashing” or “left-wing” (or other, less polite, formulations) now make up the mainstream of public opinion.

Posted by Woody Mena at October 12, 2005 9:36 PM