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A Happy Day in America

Now maybe we can re-redistrict Texas. (DeLay Indicted)

When a symbol and agent of corruption who extorts Congressional votes, buries popular legislation, supports sex slavery, launders money, and accepts bribes is finally indicted for wrongdoing, everybody, left, right, or center, Democrat, Republican, Third Party should be happy and relieved. Since the indictment of Tom DeLay stems from money laundered to TRMPAC in order to turn the Texas legislature for the purpose of gerrymandering the Congressional District boundaries, it is only proper that those boundaries be reexamined.

Now, I'm the first to admit that the previous districts were gerrymandered to the benefit of Democrats. Therefore I have a novel solution to the problem. Using Iowa's model for Congressional districting, hand off the data on voters and precincts to a team of a few autistic individuals from outside of Texas who have aptitude for that sort of thing, and let them set the Districts without any attention to the political fallout. Because home districts and incumbencies will thus be mixed up randomly, for the next two election cycles, allow candidates to run in either their own district or any adjoining district. Same rules for everybody, whether they ran before or not. That way strong candidates won't be forced to run in the same new district as a result of the random fallout of the redistricting, and there will be less political pressure to subvert the apolitical process used.

Posted by Walker Willingham at September 28, 2005 5:00 PM