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Here We Go Again

George Bush appoints friends who are not qualified for their appointments. A vet was put in charge of womens health issues at the FDA. A horse judge was put in charge of FEMA.
He also appoints friends who are vehemently opposed to particular agencies, in charge of those same agencies in order to undermind them. A lawyer who represented many companies in their fights against environmentalists is in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency? A man who has been quoted as saying that the United Nations should be disbanded is the U.S. embassador to the U.N?

This is the inepttitude and cronyism that is the Bush adminstration.
No-bid contracts awarded to companies with ties to this administration that have cost billions of dollars and have shed the light on the corrupt relationship between government and big business are once again in the spotlight.
Guess who is once again going to profit from human suffering?
Guess who is once again going to profit from tragedy and loss of life?

Vice President Cheney!

The evil mastermind behind the Bush administration will once again get rich from tragedy, like he has from the tragedy that is the War In Iraq.

From Yahoo News:

"WASHINGTON - A day after castigating the federal government's ousted disaster chief, a House panel is hearing pledges from government auditors that they will closely examine millions of dollars in contracts the Bush administration awarded to politically connected companies for Hurricane Katrina relief."

"The joint appearance of government auditors Wednesday comes amid a flurry of legislation pending in Congress that would create additional layers of oversight to the Katrina contracting and award process."

It also comes amid growing charges of favoritism that critics say led to government missteps in the wake of the Katrina disaster."

"In the weeks after the Aug. 29 storm, more than 80 percent of the $1.5 billion in contracts awarded by FEMA for Katrina work were handed out with little or no competition or had open-ended or vague terms that previous audits have cited as being highly prone to abuse."

"They included contracts such as a $16 million deal involving Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg, Brown & Root Services Inc. of Arlington, Va., that has been cited for overcharging the government for work in Iraq; and San-Francisco-based Bechtel Corp. Both companies have strong ties to the Bush administration."

On a side note:
From Yahoonews:

"Investigators also will carefully examine whether federal employees have been abusing government-issued credit cards since their purchase limits were hastily raised to $250,000 to help pay for hurricane-related expenses. "

"Previous government audits have shown that the credit cards, which typically have a purchase limit of $2,500, were improperly used to pay for prostitutes, gambling activity and even breast implants. About 250,000 federal employees have the government credit cards."

Does this sound like the United States government we were taught about ?
For the people, by the people?
Or does the government, in its current form ,sound like a rich get richer exploitive group of greedy, self-serving, manipulative, power-hungry bastards who I personally wouldn't trust to tell the truth about the weather?
Here we go again.

Posted by Andre M. Hernandez at September 28, 2005 9:39 AM