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Bush takes blame for government's poor..... public relations.

Bush announced on Tuesday that he is taking full responsibility for the governmet’s inept response to Katrina and vows a better public relations campaign. As the confirmed death toll reached 657, Bush vowed to get to the bottom of the problems that surfaced during the federal government’s response to the greatest natural disaster in modern history.

If I may, let me help you Mr. President:

Friday August 26: The Governor of Louisiana (Blanco) declares a state of emergency. Other gulf states request assistance from the Pentagon. Bush is at the ranch.

Saturday August 27: The Governor of Mississippi declares a state of emergency. Blanco asks Bush to declare a Federal State of Emergency. Federal emergency is declared and FEMA given full authority. Bush is at the ranch. Gives weekly radio address, mentions nothing about Katrina.

Sunday August 28: Bush, Chertoff and Brown are warned by the National Hurricane Center of a potential Levee failure. NWS issued special hurricane warning. Reports of the Levee overflowing begin. 30k people evacuate to the Superdome. LA National Guard requests 700 busses from FEMA for evacuations. Bush, at the ranch, discusses Katrina and Iraq's draft constitution.

Monday August 29: Katrina, now a Category 4 hurricane makes landfall. Water is reported flowing over the Levee and later breached. At 11:00am Brown requests DHS dispatch 1000 employees to the region and gives them two days to arrive. Blanco requests, again, assistance from Bush. Bush flies to Arizona to give a birthday cake to McCain and plug Medicare reform. Call Chertoff to discuss immigration.

Tuesday August 30:
Chertoff becomes aware that the levee failed. Pentagon states that they have enough troops to support the initiative. Since local officials were busy dealing with the mass looting, shootings and robberies rescue efforts for stranded, rooftop citizens were stopped.
President returns to Crawford for his final night of vacation after playing guitar with country singer, Mark Willis and Commemorating the 60th anniversary of V-J day.

I could go on, but quite frankly it's tiresome.

Basically it boils down to this. After the devastation and the lack of response tens of thousands were stranded and trapped within both the city limits and other shelters. Those people did not have water or supplies and saw news organizations days before they saw federal assistance. What did Bush do after many days of inactivity? After telling 'Brownie' that he's doing a great job. He issued an executive order allowing federal contractors to pay BELOW the prevailing wage for rebuilding the aftermath of Katrina. He hired the same contractors that bilked the US out of taxpayer money in Iraq (Bechtel, Haliburton). He lies to the American public on Thursday September 1st by saying "I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees.", knowing clearly that his administration was notified of this possibility before Katrina reached the shore. His administration began the PR smear campaign blaming everyone else for this disaster; they had pundits talk about environmentalists lobbying in the 1970s for levee restrictions. They had them blame the local and state officials claiming that they never asked for help (this is blatant lie). It got so bad that Bush's own staff had to create a DVD for Bush to watch because they thought he was not taking this problem seriously enough .

It's time Mr. President for you to take full responsibility. Resign.

Posted by john trevisani at September 14, 2005 11:11 AM