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Government Gambling Problem

Some of us have traveled to Vegas, Atlantic City or even New Orleans to blow a few bucks gambling. Our government is gambling for much higher stakes. The lives of the American people.

Congress passes transportation bill loaded with $24 billion dollars worth of pork projects. Approximately ten times the amount needed to provide New Orleans with stronger levee system. Congressional leaders from New Orleans were responsible for $540,580,200 worth of earmarked money in that bill. More than enough money to address the levee dilemma. Luisiana's state representatives gambled on the lives of their constituents and they lost. Should we hold Luisiana officials partly responsible for the disaster in New Orleans? Absolutely!
How many of us live in states that have representatives who load bills with pork projects?
All of us!
Why are we voting for these people?

The Federal government also rolled the dice and lost. The Bush administration gambled that there would be no disasters occuring in the U.S. while Bush's incompetent appointees were on duty. Considering we are under a constant threat from terrorist attacks, these were dangerous risks this administration was willing to take with our lives.
From the Washington Post:

"Five of eight top Federal Emergency Management Agency officials came to their posts with virtually no experience in handling disasters and now lead an agency whose ranks of seasoned crisis managers have thinned dramatically since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks."

Because Joe Allbaugh, who is now a lobbyist with Haliburton, (Go Figure) was G.Ws campaign manager in 2000, his college buddy Michael Brown was given the appointment to head FEMA. You really think this man gives a rats @$$ about any of us? He was reelected because he convinced the uninformed that he would protect them from the scarey terrorists, that the Democrats would be too soft to deal with.
He thens weakens our infrastructure and mishandles the money's set aside to protect us. This administration is way scarier than the terrorists.
Bush and those he has put in place to protect us are a bunch of incompetent tools that do not deserve their jobs. The problem is, we have to die (New Orleans and Iraq) to point that out.

Posted by Andre M. Hernandez at September 13, 2005 11:02 AM