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Hurricane Katrina was possibly the biggest natural disaster in our history. Hundreds dead. Thousands in need of emergency rescue. Millions homeless. I don’t want to create a partisan argument here, but this event is too important to be ignored just because political credit or blame cannot be easily assigned.

I'm living in Germany this summer, so I've been relying on the internet and CNN International for my news and images. The new is horrifying.

I was glad to hear this morning from a cousin in Mobile, Alabama, and to know that she is ok. She's amazingly fortunate in her misfortune. She moved from Alabama from Montana two years ago, and Katrina is the third hurricane she's survived practically unscathed in that time.

Millions of others are not so lucky.

In terms of political impact, I anticipate Katrina being discussed in debates about budget priorities, energy policy, the environment, regulations, global warming, and the economy for years ahead. I think time will come for those debates later.

Posted by LawnBoy at August 31, 2005 1:49 PM