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Bush vs. Truth and Reality

Why is it that when factual information about our government and our nation is made available to the American people, it is either covered up or the people making it available are immediately punished by the Bush administration for releasing it?

Bunnantine Greenhouse, the Haliburton whistleblower, reported that the procurement of no-bid contracts by Haliburton KBR for work in Iraq, was "the most blatant and improper contract abuse she has ever witnessed."
Her reward for complaining to her superiors and testifying before committee that a terrible and illegal wrong was being done? They threatened to fire her, which would end a thirty year career in the military.

Joe Wilson criticized the Bush administrations' exaggerations of the intellligence being used to justify our invasion of Iraq.
His reward for trying to prevent the deaths of thousands of people based on falsehoods? They "out" his wife as a CIA agent, compromising her ability to do her job.

Now we have Lawrence Greenfield, who was selected by Bush to head the Bureau of Justice Statistics, one of his agencies duties would be to track crime patterns and police tactics.
As Eric Lichtblau of The Times reported, Greenfield was demoted for complaining that the government was attempting to downplay the aggressive treatment of African American and Hispanic drivers by police officers.
His job was in jeopardy the moment his agency completed the study and found that police were aggressively targeting African Americans and Hispanics. It was not the reality that the Bush administration wanted to put out to the American people.
It is becoming harder to obtain the truth in part because those who dare speak it or question the Bush administrations view of reality, are squashed under the boots of this administration, who have always recognized that reality and the truth are detrimental to their agenda.

Posted by Andre Hernandez at August 29, 2005 9:07 PM