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Probe This!

Congress probes everything else; why not the rationale for the war in Iraq?
Republican Pat Roberts who chairs the Senate Intelligence committee says he plans to explore the treatment of undercover CIA agents “You can not be in the business of outing somebody, “Roberts said last month, referring to risks that could arise from exposing agents as well as their associates and informants.

Yet Roberts seems to have very little interest in getting to the heart of the matter. "Generically speaking, it is a very serious matter," he says.
Generically speaking?
11 former CIA officers have sent letters that are in stark contrast to Roberts mind set, asking that the President dismiss or administratively punish anyone responsible for revealing Valerie Plame's identity and status.
Disclosing the identity of an active agent is against the law, yet Roberts seems willing to turn the case over to Patrick Fitsgerald, who for some reason has needed well over a year to say nothing.
Why the lack of curiosity from the Senate?
The compliant Republican congress is content to look the other way because it is a Republican oval office that is at the heart of the investigation.
Congressional hearings would make all the difference in the world.
A year ago Roberts' committee concluded that CIA errors before the war fueled the erroneous belief that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. This same committee chose not to take the next logical step and examine how the Bush administration used the erroneous information.
Roberts vowed that his committee would continue its probe after the 2004 election, to avoid partisan feuding, but now shows no inclination to do so.
Since then the Downing Street Memos reported "Intelligence fixing", in the Oval office, Valerie Plame has been outed because her husbands claims of intelligence fixing, you tell me there is nothing to the foot dragging going on?

Posted by Andre M. Hernandez at August 11, 2005 8:02 AM