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Courage in the form of Cindy Sheehan

I belong to an email political debate group. I’ve been a part of this group off and on for years. It consists mostly of conservatives, the vast majority of which are Bush supporters. Actually they’re more than just supporters. They’re complete apologists for Bush’s many failed policies.

Yesterday, one of them sent out the following on the topic of Cindy Sheehan:

Here's what I don't get... The US has an all VOLUNTEER military. Those who are in it CHOSE to be in it. When you join the military, you need to reasonably expect that there is an elevated risk of death on duty, and that you freely accept this. You also VOLUNTEER to obey the orders and assignments of those placed above you. So where does she feel that she has been wronged by President Bush? Did she really expect that her kid could join the MILITARY and then never get sent off to places where PEOPLE SHOOT AT YOU?

Apparently the notion that with that reasonable expectation of "elevated risk of death on duty" comes without the reasonable expectation that the President of the United States won't take the nation to war needlessly. That the President will thoughtfully, carefully consider every option and make certain that war is in fact the only way. That the President won't abuse the powers of his office to invade nations that represent no immediate military threat to the nation. That the President will not send our soldiers to die in an unnecessary war.

I have a son. I don't know how any mother is able to come to grips with the agony of losing their child. But worse, knowing their child didn't have to die has to exacerbate the grief.

Sheehan's initial meeting with Bush, despite attempts by the rightwing freak spin machine to the contrary, was fraught with Bush's own hubris and contempt toward these military families. It's all a dog and pony show for Bush. His attitude demonstrates that he could care less that these mothers have given their precious children in an invasion and occupation he and his organization insisted upon.

Sheehan's likely inevitable arrest this coming Thursday (an unarmed mother and her unarmed group are somehow a national security threat..but not until Thursday when Condi and Rummy show up) will hopefully be shown on national news feeds all over the nation. Hauling away to jail the mother of a dead soldier because the President refuses to speak to her about the man he sent to die is an embarrassment to the nation.

The Bush apologist crowd truly seems to believe that it's appropriate to not hold Bush accountable for the failures of Iraq. No WMD. No WMD related programs. Saddam's people were no longer properly documenting what was going on with their weapons programs and in fact turned everything they had over to the UN prior to the invasion.

But it's somehow Bush hasn't wronged anyone..especially not Cindy Sheehan whose son needlessly left his blood on the sands of Iraq.

Posted by Carla Ryan at August 9, 2005 1:06 PM