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Career Killer

Well, this is no surprise,

A Marine regiment that took heavy casualties last week in western Iraq - including 19 killed from a Reserve unit headquartered in Ohio - had repeatedly asked for about 1,000 more troops. Those requests were not granted.

The day Baghdad fell, it became obvious there aren't enough troops for the mission in Iraq. It's just as obvious that no officer in the political strata is going to ask for more - it's a career killer, as Gen. Shinseki can attest to.

Even though he says he'll give the commanders in Iraq more troops if they ask, President Bush clearly signaled they shouldn't ask. So who gets screwed? Our brave GIs on the ground, of course. At least they're starting to get body armor, not that it did those Marines any good without the extra battalion they asked for to watch their backs.

Oh, and the Iraqis are suffering from the lack of troops too, I suppose. Innocent men, women and children are dying because there aren't enough troops deployed to protect them. They're drinking shit-water because engineers lack the security to quickly rebuild water treatment plants. They're huddling in darkness and freezing in the winter because the electricity and oil infrastructure is worse off than before the invasion from lack of security.

But God help the General who requests more troops. That's a career-ender.

Posted by American Pundit at August 9, 2005 10:43 AM