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Conflicts of Interests

Conflicts. This is about what this is about. Not Good Vs. Evil, things in our interest vs. those not, or any simple opposition of right vs. wrong, but the much more complex conflicts of real life.

As a storyteller, I’ve been taught that genuine conflicts aren’t between a postive and a negative, typically, but between two negatives or two positives.

That is, you're torn between two good things when you can't have both, and are forced to choose between the lesser of two evils. These are the meaningful choices of our lives, and it's in these that some of the most interesting stories and dramas are centered.

Unfortunately, even the real life kind.

We are fast heading towards a point where we are going to have to choose between preserving Iraq, and preserving our armies ability to fight. Bush's unwise policies are threatening to break both Iraq and our army.

We can't let either happen, because both breakdowns would be dangerous to our national security. Solving the Manpower Problem will be a conflicted thing, too. The choice: The Draft Vs. the degradation of our national security. The end of the Volunteer Army, or the end of our nation's effective military power.

If we end up staying, things are conflicted there, too- continuing the war, taking the casualties, angering the Arabs and Muslims, or pull out, and let things go to hell, meaning more future tragedies, increased terrorism, and leaving a bad taste in the mouth of the Arabs from that point on.

As astute readers have already figured out, there are ways out of these conflicts in real life, as there are ways out of conflicts in stories. But that requires choices and compromises to be made, mistakes to be admitted and lateral thinking employed to break out of the conflicted situation.

Maybe the Republican are beginning to find their way towards such notions of problems solving, but the leaders of the GOP are fighting this hard. If the Republicans want to hold onto any of their power, they must encourage their leaders to swallow their pride and get things done. Americans are a practical people, and will not long tolerate leadership that doesn't do it's job right.

Posted by Stephen Daugherty at August 5, 2005 1:01 PM