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Thanks for the Empathy, We Want Leadership.

While empathizing with millions of Americans who support embryonic stem-cell research in the hope of finding cures for various diseases. President Bush continued to threaten to veto increased funding for stem-cell research.
Once again demonstrating his dismissal of the wishes of the American people.

The President stated, "I fully understand there are a lot of folks out their desperate to find a cure."

"They have their perogative to pass laws. I have the perogative to set limits in what I think is right."

He uses his veto power to allow the torture of human beings, but his conscience will not allow him to investigate an avenue of research that most researchers believe has the most potential for curing cancer, heart disease and spinal cord injuries.

He has no problem creating intelligence to attack Iraq, which by the way, has killed thousands of fully developed human beings but can't allow embryos that were to be discarded to be used for good.
In my opinion, the only people he can garner support from at this point is "The Far Right", so why not throw them a bone.

Posted by Andre M. Hernandez at August 4, 2005 8:52 AM