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Love, Not Intelligent Design

The day after I enter a post saying that Frist’s switch to the support of stem cell research indicates that rationality is beginning to take over, Bush announces that he is in favor of teaching Intelligent Design in schools. I’m sure he says this in order to keep his religious “base.” Personally, I don’t see why devout Christians are so intent on changing science. Why not modify something more substantial in modern life - like business? Why not modify it with a little LOVE?

I still think Frist's move was good. But President Bush countered him when he said that Intelligent Design should be taught when teaching students about the creation of life. This means Bush wants it taught as another scientific theory. This would be OK if it were a theory, but Intelligent Design is not a theory because there is no way of proving or disproving it.

In other words, it is not part of science. It is part of religion. If religious people who believe in Intelligent Design want to teach it as part of their concept of religion, let them do it - in a course on religion.

I don't see why religious fundamentalist get so worked up about evolution as part of science, which does not contradict anything Christianity stands for, when they pay no attention at all to business, where current practices contradict Christianity left and right. The basic premise behind business, and one adopted by many religious fundamentalists, is laissez faire. The point of business is to "kill" the competition by "cutting throats," making profit and becoming rich and famous. Nothing is more important than winning.

Contrast this with what Jesus said. I'm not quoting Jesus directly, but from an article written by Bill McKibben in the August 2005 issue of Harpers, called "The Christian Paradox":

"Love your neighbor as yourself: although its rhetorical power has been dimmed by repetition, that is a radical notion, perhaps the most radical notion possible. Especially since Jesus, in all his teachings, made it very clear who the neighbor you were supposed to love was: the poor person, the sick person, the naked person, the hungry person. The last shall be made first; turn the other cheek; a rich person aiming for heaven is like a camel trying to walk through the eye of a needle. On and on and on - a call for nothing less than a radical, voluntary, and effective reordering of power relationships, based on the principle of love."

How about it? Why fiddle around with things that do not matter that much, like Intelligent Design? Why not instead modify business by inserting a little love in the process? Why not forget about the rich, the elite and the powerful? Why not instead help the poor, the sick and the hungry? Why spread hate, smears and bile against those you consider to be non-believers? Why not instead welcome everybody with LOVE?

What this country needs is LOVE, not Intelligent Design!

Posted by Paul Siegel at August 2, 2005 6:43 PM