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I blogged about the Bush administration finally adopting the Democrat’s approach to dismantling terrorist networks and support systems. Well, I just saw in my morning paper that they’re finally working with France, Britain, and other European countries to implement it,

US and European officials say the Bush administration's review - expected to lead to a formal declaration of a new national strategy - represents not just a shift to a more multilateralist approach towards foreign policy but also an important development in thinking away from the emphasis on the military.

US representative, Philip Zelikow, is meeting in Paris with European representatives to fashion a new alliance, the goal of which is to "develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to discredit and demystify extremists' ideology and promote moderate Islamic voices".

Bush apologists are already spinning this move as a natural shift from the tactical phase to the strategic phase, but it just highlights the fact that - four years after 9/11 - President Bush still doesn't have a strategy for winning.

The Global War On Terror (GWOT) is now the Struggle Against Violent Extremism (SAVE). Let's hope the administration follows through, and its embrace of Democrat's counter-terrorism strategy is more than just replacing an ugly acronym with a happy one.

Posted by American Pundit at August 2, 2005 3:33 AM