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Black Gold and The White House

The President’s comprehensive Energy Plan in a nutshell:

Do very little to fix the problems that loom over this nation due to our dependency on oil.
Add to the wealth and power the oil companies already have in the United States.

In the Presidents new Energy plan there is the potential for 8 - 32 billion dollars in pork for the Oil Industry.(According to CNN political analysts)
This is an industry that has seen record profits under this administration.Why all the charity to an industry that has benefited from the war in Iraq, the manipulation of data at the G-8 summit, the refusal to join The Kyoto Agreement,changing litigation balance toward large corporations for polluting and many other decisions made by our environmentally unfriendly President?
Why not use the money for things like National Security? He did convince "Red" states Kerry was too weak on the issue. What has G.W. done to keep this nation secure?
We could use some of that pork for our nations schools. Remember "No Child Left Behind?" Check our national drop-out rates if you want proof that alot of schools are being underfunded because of the war in Iraq's financial burdon and that alot of kids are being "Left Behind."
Why not Health Care?
A large percent of Americans are without health care. I do recall that G.W. said he was going to make this a priority during his next four years. I saw him on T.V. selling Social Security reform and the war in Iraq, I must have missed him giving speaches in front of hand picked crowds about all those people without proper medical care.
Large corporations and the oil industry have benefitted enough from this administration. When are the people of this country going to see any results from the White House?
It's not like the problems are hard to find.The Bush administration has refused to address them.

Posted by Andre M. Hernandez at August 1, 2005 10:33 AM