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Debunking The Rove Spin

I’ve been resisting the urge to make my regular rounds of Right bloggers (who have not yet banned me) to counter the onslaught of distortions and diversions I’d surely find, already knowing the unfolding Rove/Plame controversy to be the most serious political threat to the Bush White House, to date. And, judging by the comment thread responses to definitive posts by WatchBlog Blue Column contributors Stephen Daugherty (Political Name Games) and Andre M. Hernandez (Another Damaged Part Of Bush Machine), this ongoing debate can only benefit from a continued infusion of factual evidence.

The Center For American Progress 'Progress Report' in daily email form has been an invaluable tool for me in my WB postings and personal blogging. Their substantive content offered with factual supported links has been an approach I attempt to replicate in my own commentaries. And, with Media Matters of America as yet another highly credible resource for the Left, the conspicuous absence of any such viable parallels on the Right is a critical distinction that has to be made at this juncture in the Rove debate.

Read the WatchBlog thread comment posts by Rove's defenders, and you'll see the GOP offense in his defense, in action. To go around picking fights in the Conservative Echo Chamber, I knew I'd have to contend with such diversionary tactics of indicting everything Joe Wilson has done or said in this matter, with no expectations of corroborating, factual links in support of such charges. And, although Wilson gave equally in 2000 to both the Gore and Bush campaigns, I'd grow old waiting for an answer as to how his being a 'Kerry supporter' has anything to do with Rove's indictable act.

Which brings me to three indispensable Progress Reports on Plamegate, every Lefty debater should commit to memory:

It's The Cover-Up - Detailing the White House's hastily erected 'Wall Of Silence', following the high-tech humiliation of the no longer glib WH Press Secretary Scott McClellan. It speaks volumes as to what has already further eroded the credibility of this administration. (PR-7/12/05)

Debunking Rove's Spin - Gets to the clear illegality of Rove's offense, while asking the crucial question - why would his comments to Matt Cooper need 'super tight confidentiality' status? (PR-7/13/05)

Back To The Basics On Rove - A bullet point's wrap-up (with supported links), identical to marching orders of a coordinated Bush White House offensive (but with the facts), to keep one 'on message'. (PR-7/14/05)


Finally, the Left must be cognitive of the fact that the political roles have unmistakably been reversed here. Kerry supporters must remember the futility in disproving the already refuted accusations of the Swift Boat Veterans, debating those on the Right who shamefully continued to give comfort and credibility, even to this day. But, now as Rove Defenders, the Right finds itself on the defensive - yet, with the same flawed argument and inappropriate tactics.

I made a comment recently on a Right blog that rattled, so it bears repeating here:

Those of you on the Right have used lies and distortions so long, no one will believe you now when you're trying to get at the truth


I had previously intended to post this commentary at WatchBlog earlier in the month, just as Scott McClellan went mute on the subject, and the RNC's Ken Mehlman launched his offensive against Joe Wilson, in Rove's defense.

However, by hesitating, I can now offer up evidence that such previously successful and proven tactics by the Bush White House have finally failed them.

Posted by Bert M. Caradine at July 30, 2005 3:48 PM