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Soldiers frustrated with being at war all alone

Some of our soldiers are feeling the pressure and frustration of carrying the burden of war while the President and the GOP ask nothing from the country at large:

While officers and enlisted personnel say they enjoy symbolic signs of support, and the high ratings the military now enjoys in public opinion polls, "that's just not enough," said a one-star officer who served in Iraq. "There has to be more," he added, saying that the absence of a call for broader national sacrifice in a time of war has become a near constant topic of discussion among officers and enlisted personnel.

"For most Americans," said an officer with a year's experience in Iraq, "their role in the war on terror is limited to the slight inconvenience of arriving at the airport a few hours early."

David C. Hendrickson, a scholar on foreign policy and the presidency at Colorado College, said, "Bush understands that the support of the public for war - especially the war in Iraq - is conditioned on demanding little of the public."

The Bush Administration has been painfully aware that the support for the Iraq War has been a mile wide and an inch deep. The moment there's a draft or a substantial tax increase to cover the costs, they knew support would erode. Unfortunately, the Bush Administration vastly underestimated everything else about the Iraq invastion and occupation as well.

In the meantime, our troops shoulder the burden of a "war on terror". A war that's increasing, not ending, terrorism.

Posted by Carla Ryan at July 24, 2005 2:39 PM