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Rumsfeld's World

Could someone tell this man what is really going on in Iraq.

In describing the main points of the report to Congress (minus the valuable information they saw fit to keep secret), Rumsfeld highlighted signs of progress as well as problems in Iraq.

"On the political front, terrorists have failed to derail the political process (Except maybe kill some of the people who are a part of that process)," he said. "A constitutional referendum remains on schedule for October 15th (We just have to convince the Iraqi's to stop dying so they can vote on said referendum). And elections for a new assembly are scheduled for December 15th of this year (The Iraqi's are getting a Christmas present from the Bush administration, (oops they don't celebrate christmas.)

He said ordinary Iraqis are growing more confident in their ability (to be blown up) in their future, and there is progress on the economic (once we find that missing $8 billion) and security fronts (the ten guys we have actually trained to fire a gun).

"The report also offers a candid assessment of the challenges that remain for the Iraqi people and for the coalition," he said. "Among them, though they've suffered numerous setbacks, terrorists in Iraq remain effective, adaptable and intent on carrying out attacks against Iraqi civilians and Iraqi officials (oh yeah, and U.S. troops and Londoners and the Spanish and the people of Bali and soon here in the U.S. again, now that more of them hate us.) We must stay the course despite not really knowing what that course is or who's driving the bus, because the Bush administration never makes mistakes and are never wrong.

A True Patriot (not like you "Liberals.")

Posted by Andre M. Hernandez at July 21, 2005 2:13 PM