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Roberts: Your Moment of Zen

A great deal of disinformation had been passed around by the time we surprisingly got a nominee. Bush had said he would consult with our people, implying he would move to the center. Other sources had implied that the candidate would be a woman. In the end, I don’t think we should have been surprised. It’s almost stereotypical of this stereotypically Republican president: A Right Wing Pro-Life Middle Aged White Guy who takes the side of the corporations.

Oh well. It may be a little paranoid, but I think we were meant to backlash. We shouldn’t.

We are meant to backlash to make him the victim. We shouldn't. We should give this candidate the most thorough examination that he's had since his last physical, but it should be without rancor. Why? Because once again, somebody wants us to get bent out of shape. Somebody went out of their way to burn a number of sources on who the nominee, and that feels odd to me.

I tell you what I will want out of our calm, spookily centered examination of him. I don't object to his pro-life stance, but I do hope that he is willing to consider the importance of jurisprudence relating to medical privacy before he starts opening a can of worms on that by making rulings from personal feelings alone. I don't want a judicial activist for the right. I don't want somebody who is consistent in their positions at the cost of fairness and wisdom. I also want somebody who recognizes that the effects of the decisions of lofty heights can have adverse consequences below.

In short, I want Bush to have a tough time pushing a bad candidate through. But I don't want it to look as if the candidate is the victim when it is his own qualities that deny him for the job.

Posted by Stephen Daugherty at July 20, 2005 7:42 AM