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Response Will Show True Character

During the 2000 election George W. Bush stated that, “He would restore honor and dignity to the Oval Office. “He also stated, “people would be held to account.” Both were references to the Clinton administration. The republican party felt that Clinton did not share their values and he was not honest with the American people. Here is Bush’s next opportunity to prove his moral character.

Bush has another oppotunity to show his true character to the people who support him and his detractors.
His first came when on 9/11 terrorists flew planes into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. The world was in shock. We needed to take action(Rove would have you believe different). We needed to go after the people responsible(Not those who share an ideology). We needed a global effort to combat terrorism. Instead he sold the country on Iraq's weapons capabilty and the imminent threat they posed to American citizens due to the attempted purchase of plutonium from an African nation. He showed the world photos of secret labs and mobile launch systems.He dismissed most of our allies and went in without world support.We now know that not only did Iraq not pose a threat but that this administration was gathering logistical information on an Iraq invasion before 9/11. His true character became clearer.

Now he is faced with another opportunity to show his character.
These are the simple facts.

1) 1/2003 President says in State of the Union adress that Saddam tried to purchase plutonium from African nation.
2) Shortly thereafter Joe Wilson wrote a commentary that says this is not true.
3) Robert Novak writes column that "outed" Joe Wilson's wife.
4) An angry Joe Wilson accuses Karl Rove of retaliating because of the op-ed piece.
5) White House denies any involvement.
6) Federal investigation begins.
7) Matt Cooper reveals Karl Rove is the leak via e-mails and saved his own butt from jail.
Will George W. Bush restore dignity and honor to the White House or will he throw away another opportunity to show the world he is a man of character?

Posted by Andre M. Hernandez at July 19, 2005 4:17 PM