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“Whatever happened to the rugged individualism in the Republican Party? It is very much alive and well in the Democratic Party,” Howard Dean assured Montana Democrats.

Last year, Montana voters elected a Democratic governor, they put a Democratic majority in the state Senate for the first time in a decade, and they forged a 50-50 tie in the House. Montana's rugged individualists sized up what more than a decade of Republican leadership had done to their state, and took appropriate action: They tossed the bums out.

Montanans saw their Republican representatives in bed with the mineral and oil industries that are destroying their ranches; Montanans saw Republicans cutting sweetheart deals with agribusiness and out-of-state mega-corporations, forcing out local businesses; Montanans saw Republican legislators restricting access to prime public hunting and fishing spots, and allowing cyanide leach mining to poison the rest of their cherished fields and streams; Montanans fought against Republican economic, environmental, and government corruption - and won!

Howard Dean went to Montana with nothing but praise and admiration for Montana's home-grown Democrats, and he pledged that at the national level, Democrats are committed to, "...a balanced budget, and we will get government out of people's lives."

Dean has been visiting quite a few unlikely hotbeds of Democratic defiance over the last couple months, personally getting the message out. In Idaho, he told voters, "The Republicans say they believe in small government - just small enough to get inside Terri Schiavo's nursing home room. Those kinds of decisions belong in individual families, and that's none of the government's business."

That kind of straight-talk is creating new Western Democrats in Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, and all the Rocky Mountain and Western states. Montana is now a Democratic state, and is on the way to becoming a Democratic stronghold at the national level because Montanans understand and respect good, traditional, working-class Democratic values. Montana, I salute you.

Posted by American Pundit at July 19, 2005 10:50 AM