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Define "is"

Our President is looking very little like the truth, justice and American way cowboy that his handlers have so deftly promoted…and a lot more like a guy who is reaching for a way to bail out his corrupt buddy.

Earlier today, Bush bactracked on his previous statement to fire anyone on his staff involved in the Plame leak.

Bush said "yes" in June of 2004 when asked if he would fire anyone who leaked the agent's name.

Today Bush moved the goalposts, saying he would fire anyone who committed a crime.

Lie about a bj in the Oval Office...impeachment.

Lie about firing aides/staffers who out CIA agents and undermine national security...defend, defend, defend.

I was certainly no fan of Clinton's behavior and said so. Where are the Republicans decrying the behavior of Karl Rove (and now apparently Lewis Libby from Cheney's office)? Where are the demands for an apology and resignation?

The Republican Party has become a festering, ugly bed of corruption and ethics/legal breaches. Worse however are the rank and file who know this is going on and still continue to support them.

Putting the elephant before the flag is not acceptable. It's terrible for the Republican Party and it's worse for the nation-at-large.

C'mon Republicans. Stand up for what is right. Demand that Bush hold his staff accountable not just for the legal issues, but the moral and ethical ones as well.

Posted by Carla Ryan at July 18, 2005 1:54 PM