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P/C Politically Corrupt

The American people have become numb to the corruption that has infiltrated local, state and Federal governments of the United States.

We hear the stories almost daily."Small Town Mayor Hires Brother Amidst Controversy." "Governor Earmarks $450 million for Special Projects." "White House Official Under Investigation."
This is no longer a Democracy for the people. It is a Capitalistic system easily manipulated and twisted through legislation and the use of loopholes and vague laws to serve the wealthy and the corrupt politicians who have mastered walking the fine line between activity that is legal(Not neccessarily moral) and not.(Think Lobbyists, closed door meetings, Earmarked money, election finance , no bid contracts, special interest groups)
Only the wealthiest 10% of this nations people are represented because they can afford to buy access into Government.

If a governnor decides to use("Earmarks") $450 million dollars of his states tax payers money without their consent, during a closed door meeting,for the vague purposes of "Special Projects"(Pay back those who helped him during election and pass around to friends), that's corruption. Not in the U.S. Gov.George Pataki did it this year.

If the President of the United States uses doctored intelligence and outright lies to attack another nation for the sole purpose of regime change and increased access to Middle East oil, resulting in thousands of deaths and billions of dollars in profit for the oil industry(The folks who backed G.W. during election) and KBR Haliburton(A company with ties to V.P. Cheney).That is corruption. President George W.Bush committed this very crime.(See: Downing Street Memos,Mr. Wilson,The weapons inspectors who were there)
If I have enough money I could buy the opinion,doctored research or support from a number of Federal Government Agencies(FCC,FDA,EPA)

If a person in public office rigs contract bids, gives tax breaks to his wealthiest constituency, at the cost of the poor and middle class or sets up deals that demostrate favoritism ,croniism or conflict of interest, that's corruption. Not here in the U.S. It happens all across this nation. Every single day.

We have to admit, when we see a person of wealth enter a court room to face charges,we believe they will walk away free from accountability,not because of their innocence but because of his or her expensive representation.

We need to step up and hold the government accountable. Too many of us focus on our own back yards and not the world around us. This apathetic attitude over the last 25 years has allowed the wealthy 10% to take the power from the people. Don't rely on the media to hold the government responsible. They can't or don't for various reasons.
Write to the people who are supposed to be representing you. Call upon others to do the same. We must raise our voices over the "$Cha-Ching$" that the politicians hear.

Posted by Andre M. Hernandez at July 18, 2005 10:10 AM