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Better than a yellow ribbon

Sunday I leave for a three-week visit (business and vacation) with my family to the UK. We’ll be spending two weeks in London. I won’t be cancelling the trip, I won’t change my plans to avoid cities, and dammit, I’m gonna take the subway if I feel like it.

We've got two kids, but both I and my wife feel the same way. Is there a risk? Sure - although realistically, it's probably less of a risk than renting a car and driving to Scotland (especially with me driving), which we also plan to do. It's probably less of risk than commuting into NYC - which my brother-in-law does every day - and it's sure as heck less of a risk than working for US AID in Darfur like my kid sister is doing now. I'm looking forward to the trip even more, in fact, because now my holiday has one more purpose: it's fighting back at terrorism, just a little, by not being terrorized.

The London bombings and the perhaps even more upsetting Baghdad bombing that recently killed more than two dozen children should remind all of us on this blog that even if we disagree about how to fight the war on terror, we're all basically on the same side.

So "ta" for now, Watchbloggers. If any of you want to argue with me (eg point out that really the Democrats are on side of al Qaeda by harassing poor heroic Karl or trying to clean up Gitmo) then you'll have to wait till August for my certain-to-be-devastating response. Instead I propose a question for discussion: what other little things can we do - beyond buying a yellow ribbon - to help make terrorism something our grandkids read about in history books instead of the news?

Posted by William Cohen at July 15, 2005 11:55 AM