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Bush speaks of sacrifices

From the moment Bush sent our troops to Iraq based on trumped up intelligence and out right lies their have been sacrifices made by many Americans.
The only people making these sacrifices here in the United States, are the soldiers who are fighting this war,their families and the poor and middle class who could have used the hundreds of billions of dollar sspent attacking Iraq for health care and education.
What sacrifices has Bush made?

Our soldiers sacrifice their lives. They sacrifice limbs. Some sacrificed their jobs at home. They sacrifice their ability to be with and protect their families. They sacrifice their families financial well being.They sacrifice their safety due to a lack of armored vehicles, Kevlar vests and poor planning. They sacrifice their sanity trying to deal with death and destruction all around them. They sacrifice the friends(Brothers) that they have made in their units.
Our soldiers families sacrifice their sons and daughters. They sacrifice their husbands and wives. They sacrifice their brothers and sisters. They sacrifice their moms and dads.
The people of the United States have sacrificed educational services and afterschool programs. The elderly and poor sacrifice their health care. Veterans sacrifice their benefits. Workers sacrifice their jobs.
We the people have sacrificed.
How can Bush speak of sacrifices? What sacrifices has he made? Did you hear him mention any during his speach?
It's easy to speak of sacrifices to the American people because we see those sacrifices every day. I am outraged that the people who put us in a position to make these great sacrifices don't make any of their own. As a matter of fact they profit from it.
Bush stands at the podium and goes into character as one of us. He pretends to be one of "The People".
Let the sons and daughters of the wealthy fight this war. Any large corporation profitting from the illegal attack on Iraq should have the sons and daughters of their executive boards fighting in Iraq.Why not the Bush twins? They are of age to serve this country.
We the people should not allow our children to be the ones that are sacrificed.

Posted by Andre M. Hernandez at July 3, 2005 4:46 PM