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RoveVision 'Jumps The Shark'

For fear of putting my foot through a recently purchased and vital home appliance still under warranty, I decided not to watch Bush’s address to the nation on Iraq Tuesday night. And, having also read the full text of his speech released earlier in the day, like three of the four networks (including Fox), I knew there was nothing of substance to be missed.

Neither was I planning to blog about it, assuming I would have little to add, while being drowned out by the wave of condemnation coming from the Lefty blogsphere and Democratic leaders, for starters. And, as sadly tragic the loss of 17 U.S. soldiers conducting the real war on terrorism in Afghanistan, it should serve to startle awake any American vulnerable to the White House's latest Revisionist Rationalization PR campaign.

If Bush had anything of substance to say to the American people - like the truth, he would've delivered this address from the Oval Office. Which would've also signaled to those hedging TV networks, that they would finally get something of vital interest to the nation worthy of pre-empting Beauty and the Geek. But instead, it was the most elaborate production to date, utilizing once again the U.S. troops as propaganda-shielding props by the boys at RoveVision.

Yet, judging by the less than enthusiastic reviews by those on the Right, this long running scripted, reality show from Executive Producer 'King Karl' may have finally 'jumped the shark'.

Having unintentionally allowed the dust to settle, while being passed over to provide insightful cable network commentary for the "Deep Throat' breakout star convicted Watergate felon Chuck Colson, I had enough time to gage the palpable blowback in the aftermath of Bush's address. If Karl Rove's intention was to directly scapegoat in his attack on the patriotism of the Liberal Left, he has only succeeded in galvanizing efforts to effectively return it in kind.

My email Inbox was stuffed with other like-minded appeals from the Left (John Kerry, the Democratic Party and various blogger organizations) to rouse a substantive response to the President's attempt to deceive the nation, by deliberately exploiting the '9/11 card' to full effect.

If this desperate sham succeeds in halting, or even reversing Bush's abysmal approval numbers, I am confident it will be as temporary as a drop in oil prices. Because, it's becoming clear an increasing number of Americans are no longer relying on (or seeking) their news and factual information from sources ignoring the validity of the Downing Street Memo, or failing to report admissions by this administration that exonerate Sen. Dick Durbin.

One possible measure of the effectiveness of this shameful strategy by the Right (or at least spinnable that way), would be some evidence of tangible outrage over Durbin's distorted comments, other than the manufactured version being perpetuated by the Conservative Echo Chamber. Thereby, one could use this petition demanding Durbin's resignation in comparison to this petition calling for Karl Rove's dismissal, as Nielsen ratings of sorts, on Bush's speech.

No wonder Dennis Miller was cancelled.

Posted by Bert M. Caradine at June 30, 2005 2:48 AM