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Bush and Cheney should resign

Even the people who supported this corrupt administration have to admit that this has gone too far. The Downing Street Memos and the shocking revelations that have come out during the Haliburton Reconstruction Hearings have gone beyond the smoking gun needed to overhaul a system that has no fail safes to protect the American peoples interests. Bush and Cheney are two of the most corrupt leaders of this or any other nation in our history.

The Downing Street Memos prove that the Bush administration lied to us about WMDs and the attempt to secure Uranium from Africa by Saddam Hussein. The ice cream truck that the Pentagon called a mobile weapons lab was just an ice cream truck. The tubing that could be used to make WMDs was just tubing. Those of you who supported the Bush administration don't seem to remember the lies that were told to get both parties to back this war. I know that now we're there to secure the Middle East, or is it still "Iraqi Freedom"? If the president of The United States says that we are going to war because another country is producing WMDs to use on us and have powerful terrorist ties then after we attack says we didn't find any proof to back statements He made to justify the attack,on the contrary,we discover proof that his administration lied(The Downing Street Memos)to get us into war, that's an impeachable offense.
The Haliburton Reconstruction hearings not only prove that the Bush administration was going to attack Iraq without cause but also show that Cheney and Bush had already set up KBR, a company that Cheney still has a salary contract with until 2007 and stock options until 2009(All a matter of public record) to attend closed door meetings over the objections of Mrs. Greenhouse who at the time was the Chief Contracting Officer of The Army Corps. of Engineers. In those meetings specific budget and logistics information that would clearly give Haliburton KBR an inside track to billions of dollars worth of contracts was illegally attended by managers of KBR and representatives working under Cheney. The fact that Haliburton KBR did the front end study for the Pentagon should have excluded them from obtaining any contracts because of obvious conflicts of interests.Mrs. Greenhouse states, "The contracts awarded to Haliburton KBR represents the most blatant and improper contract abuse I've ever seen in the course of my professional career." Rory Mayberry a former KBR food production manager testify that KBR has overcharged the tax payers of this country billions of dollars. They have charged for meals not prepared,served spoiled , outdated meals and thrown away food so that the could pad the bill. Lloyd Owen International representatives testified that KBR charges the American people $1.30 per gallon of gas transported in Iraq from Kuwait. Llloyd Owen International which does the identical work in Iraq charges $.18 per gallon. They also testified that KBR has not delivered any fuel to rebuild Iraqs infrastucture or delivered any parts other than scrap to rebuild Iraqs oil refineries even though they were paid billions to do so. The U.S. fighting forces families had to buy them Kevlar vests and they had to scrounge in junK yards to shore up their humvees now we find out they were served spoiled food and food that had bullets and shrapnel removed from blown up trucks. They knew they would attack Iraq and they knew they would profit. When I watched the hearings on C SPAN it was sickening. Please see this administration for what it is.

Posted by Andre M. Hernandez at June 29, 2005 7:37 AM