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The Great Divide

We are all Americans. The Democrats, Republicans, Consrvatives and Liberals. We cannot afford to be divided any longer.

Rove says that "The Liberals" lack the fortitude to fight terror. He is a spokesperson for the Bush administration.Our "Leader".

A leader is a uniter. A leader uses his or her power to bring together those that he leads. This administration has caused a division in the United States using labels and outright name calling so that they can blame partisan politics, to deflect criticism for the war in Iraq,the torturing of prisoners at Guantanamo and Abu Graib and to cover the croniism, corruption and mismanagement that has plagued the White House and pentagon during his time in office.

Both parties represent only the wealthiest 5% of their constituants. They use the tax payers money to pay back those who put them in office, they line their pockets with money from lobbyists and special interests groups while we sit back and bicker about which party is better.If you drive a "piece of shit" car,does it really matter which side looks worse? The fact that it needs to be scrapped and a new car is needed should be the primary focus.

We seem to have lost the ability to focus on the issues that we are faced with as Americans. This is not Yankees vs. Red Sox, people are dying and our image in the world community is faltering every day.The Americans who liberated other nations during WWII,the organizations and church groups who have reached out to feed and provide clothing to the poor around the world.They created the image of a powerful,caring nation of good and honest people. Now people around the world see us as dishonest,barbaric and greedy.

We can fix this. We need to come together, not focus on the differences. If Tom Delay walked in to a room full of people and said I have the cure for cancer, hell, half would walk out before he had the chance to say anything. If Hillary Clinton walked in to a room and said I just made time travel possible,same thing. Let's listen as Americans to both sides and see what they have to say.We might be missing out on something important(good or bad). If we keep allowing them to label us as anything other than AMERICANS and we focus on the labels and not on the issues this great nation will suffer

Posted by Andre M. Hernandez at June 24, 2005 1:34 PM