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Religion and "The Right"

What is it that the people who call themselves Conservative Republicans have that I don’t have? I go to church. I believe in God. Why is it that because I’m a Democrat I am not as moral a person as they are?

John N. Hostettler (R.) Indiana accused democrats of "denigrading and demonizing christians." What makes Mr. Hostettler so spiritual and us morally bankrupt Democrats so, well,not?

Could it be that I have learned (incorrectly) from my church that God loves us all and sees us all as equal. He sees us as his children and that God will not abandon us no matter what our imperfections are? No way! Why would the morally superior not like that.

It's not like they would use religion to judge others or to force their opinions on other people...would they?

Maybe it's the problem that in a Democratic church(I did not know they existed)I was taught not to kill my fellow man no matter what race,religious belief or color? That can't be it! The morally superior would never support or defend an attack on another country killing thousands of people. They would never get behind a man who would lie to convice us to do so, or torture, sometimes till death, Muslim prisoners....Right?

I was taught at my obviously left wing church that a persons relationship with God is based on their interpretation of the Bible and their understanding of Gods love and their love for God. I was short changed because I was only able to learn about God at home and in church.If only I could be one of the morally superior. I would force those darn schools to abandon that old seperation of church and state thing. I would leave my childrens religious future in the hands of somebody other than my family and church.

God help all of us morally and spiritually lesser individuals aka.The Democrats.To the morally superior who we all wish we could be, I say this, Hypocrisy is not one of the Ten Commandments so keep on truckin and keep the faith.

Posted by Andre M. Hernandez at June 22, 2005 10:20 AM