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It astonishes me how much Republicans object to liberals and liberal way of life. I’m not that troubled by conservative bias, conservative values, conservative lifestyles, or other things conservatives. If they continue to exist, well jeez, I won’t agree with them, but I won’t be calling for airstrikes either.

This country is built to accommodate all kinds of view, and yes, there is competition between those views, but the most wasteful, most hurtful, and most divisive of notions, is that which calls for the destruction of another political philosophy.

As somebody who still carries a lot of conservatives values to go with my liberal ones, I don't see the marketplace of ideas as being the kind where there's any value in somebody cornering it.

The robustness of America is that it's not a monolithic nation of interests. America is a microcosm of the world. If you can find a belief, a religion, an ethnic group, a language, a political philosophy or anything else in the rest of the world, you can find it here.

This means, of course that there is inevitable conflicts, and people who believe that the other side wants to destroy the rest of the world. I know my side has had their share of this hysteria, but I think the Republican party has elevated it to an artform.

Hence the flaming intro. It seems to be the habit of many Republicans to beat up on the liberals when things don't go right. Oh, the heights to which conservatives could go, if they just didn't have to carry us on their backs. There would be a chicken in every garage, and a Mercedes in every pot!

There would be world peace, the communists would have been defeated much sooner, Vietnam would have been won, China would have never fallen, and good old fashion American values would be the order of the day. It's neverending. If it's not those damn liberal regulations, or those damn liberal tax-addicts, then it's the damn liberal commie sympath sorry, terrorist sympathizers, who just want to see all the terrorists go free, and the New York Skyline turned into a landfill by a fleet of islamofascist-hijacked jets.

I know. I'm piling it on here. I feel though, that's exactly what the GOP has done, in lieu of legislating and carrying out policy in a responsible manner. It doesn't matter how bad the fiscal, foreign or domestic policy gets. The means of fixing it are too liberal. It's not the GOP wants things to go wrong, they just want to be the ones to fix it, to the exclusion of the liberals and the Democrats.

The irony, I think, is that this puts more pressure on the conservatives in terms of their policies. When you are the only ones who can save the world, you can't really give the job to "inferior" personnel, now can you?

The label "liberal" has been used to separate the more moderate of Republicans, conservatives, and independents from the liberals and democrats of this country, to the point where it's difficult for one culture to understand the other, even when their lifestyles differ only by small degrees. An uncalled-for degree of mistrust and fear has been generated between people who would likely consider themselves okay people by any other measure.

I know the Red Column commentators will probably scramble for examples of extreme liberal or leftward policy, and state this is the core of what liberals in general believe. Truth is, though, this is no more fair than taking the most serious religious reconstructivist, or the most racist, belligerent Right-Winger, and generalizing from that what ALL Republicans and independents must be like. Most of us are normal folks who would likely get along with others, given the chance.

In this day and age, when great challenges face us both here and abroad, it is of little use for us to beat each other up about not being in total agreement. America is about what works, and not allowing half the problem solvers to take their approach to things is a waste. America has always been one of the most robust nations in terms of thinking and understanding the world, and it's unfortunate that we've become seen as a nation of rigid ideologues.

Posted by Stephen Daugherty at June 21, 2005 7:24 PM