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Our Man in Geneva

Let’s say you run a business, and you want to send somebody to the conference to represent the company. Who would you want to do that? You’d want somebody who understands they represent something larger than themselves alone. You’d want somebody who makes your company look good, who doesn’t behave in ways that might bring embarrassment to your company. You’d choose somebody who knows their stuff, who has shown their expertise back home. You’d want somebody who hasn’t caused embarassment for your company before, who won’t remind people constantly of past failures. You’d want that person even more so if your intent was to bring reform.

John Bolton does not fill any of the qualifications listed above. He does not respect the institution he's being sent to. He does not make America look good, he does not restrain his impulses, and he has already contributed to one of the most humiliating diplomatic reversals in American history.

People say he can get the job done, that he can shake things up. With Bolton, though, the second assertion is often true at the expense of the second. This man will be a catalyst for change. That change, though, will be the further isolation of our country from the world mainstream. He will gain us little leverage with the rest of the world. He would give people the excuse to ignore or oppose us. Corrupt or not, the UN is where power has been gathered in today's world, and Bolton's a person who can get a lot of doors slammed in our face, especially as our strength gets expended on the messes we're already cleaning up here.

If we want reform, we don't need a scumbag as our front man. We need somebody who takes the institution seriously, who knows how to make the deals that need making, and who won't end up adding more hot air and more trouble to an institution admittedly with excess supply of both.

If you Republicans really think much of running government like a business, then ask yourself whether you want such an obnoxious, incompetent jerk as the guy who sells your company and its policies to the world.

Posted by Stephen Daugherty at June 15, 2005 11:11 AM