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The Haliburton War

Kellog Brown and Root a subsidiary of Halliburton is the real driving force behind the war in Iraq.

Dick Cheney has done everything he can to minimalize his role at Halliburton.It is a fact that he has used his power as both Secretary of Defense and Vice President to secure billions of dollars worth of contracts from the pentagon.
Right after Kellog Brown and Roots' classified study on privatization of logistics for a downsized U.S. military showed that the Pentagon would save billions of dollars by outsourcing,they secured their first contract. Dick Cheneys' company did the research that convinced Cheney to award his company a contract worth millions while he was Secretary of Defense.(Why don't we all have it so good?)As Vice President his company has prospered even more. The war on terror(The killing of thousands of Iraqi and American people for oil and the stealing of billions of dollars by Bush and his associates)has been especially prosperous for Dick Cheney.Here is a look at some of the contracts Halliburton has secured.(Some of these would make even the greediest sports agent proud.)
Housing for 100,000 troops $200 million dollars(They are really nice tents.)Repair oil facilities(To steal the oil for themselves)oops! I mean to help build the Iraqi infrastructure $1 billion dollars. To build enemy prisoner of war camps$28.2 million(Dumps with cages.)To accomodate an Iraqi survey group there to find Weapons of Mass Destruction $40.8 million(The group looking for Santa has yet to arrive). Site service support contract(Vague)5 years $700 million(Eat your heart out Shaq).To develope Iraqs' oil fields $2 billion.

Posted by Andre M. Hernandez at June 14, 2005 9:15 AM