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Republican Rings of Corruption

(One in an irregular series)

The purpose of the current Republican establishment is not conservatism. It is not interested in small government, nor fiscal discipline, nor business laissez faire, nor “moral values.” The Republican purpose is power. Absolute power. They want to achieve a one-party state: Republican, of course. To do this they have converted the old influence-peddling loops between self-interest groups and the government into solid Republican Rings of Corruption. The corruption ringmaster is none other than Republican leader of the House, Representative Tom DeLay.

The founders of our country were worried about "factions." They wanted to prevent self-interest groups from achieving undue influence with the government. And of course, over the years many self-interest groups - especially, Big Business - did become too powerful. Self-interest groups influenced legislators and executives, hired lobbyists to appropriately dispense political contributions to one party or another, and wrote bills for legislators to vote on.

A loop of corruption was developed between legislators on one hand and lobbyists for industry and other self-interest groups on the other end. Lobbyists gave campaign money and legislators awarded the clients of these lobbyists with legislation that helped them make more money. For clients of lobbyists this was a wonderful deal: They contributed thousands and got millions in return.

Both Republicans and Democrats participated in such lucrative loops. They were feedback loops between self-interest groups and government. No longer. Under the current Republican establishment, the loop consists of self-interest groups and the Republican Party. The Republicans are telling lobbyists that they will not get goodies if they contribute anything to Democrats; all contributions must go to Republicans.

Republicans are converting these feedback loops into more solid Rings of Corruption. Lobbyists and their corporate clients think that they are in the driver's seat, but they are not. The Republicans are running the show - for the purpose of achieving unquestioned control. Eventually, they will tell their clients when and how to contribute in order to get goodies. How long will it be before clients are asked to contribute merely to stay in the Republican Party's good graces?

Are Republican clients ready for periodic shakedowns?

Republicans seek control. Never mind all the high-falutin' language. Republicans are building as many Rings of Corruption to gain as much control as possible. The major rings are as follows:

  • REPUBLICAN/ARMS INDUSTRY RING - Previously we had the military-industrial complex. Now Republicans are using the arms industry in a big way to achieve control. They get contributions from arms merchants and return make sure the arms industry has arms to sell. Do you know of a better way of accomplishing the latter than by declaring war? And you thought we were in Iraq to liberate Iraqis?

  • REPUBLICAN/MEDICAL INDUSTRY RING - Pharmaceutical and other medical companies contribute to Republicans and Republicans respond with subsidies, tax loopholes and gifts to these corporations. And you thought the Medicare Bill was to help seniors?

  • REPUBLICAN/ENERGY INDUSTRY RING - Oil, gas and coal companies contribute a lot to the Republicans and these companies visit secretly with Dick Cheney and are awarded with an energy bill that throws money at them. And you thought they were going to reduce the price of gas?

  • REPUBLICAN/FINANCE INDUSTRY RING - Why do you suppose Bush is traveling all over the country advocating Social Security privatization? Maybe he thinks the finance industry is not thoroughly under the Republicans' thumb. So he sells privatization as a means of boosting the Republican/Finance Industry Ring. And you thought he wants to keep Social Security afloat?

  • REPUBLICAN/MEDIA INDUSTRY RING - The media industry pays and the Republicans allow mergers and acquisitions. Republicans also complain about the "liberal media." Why? In order to prevent the media from contributing to Democrats. And you thought they were interested in free speech?

  • REPUBLICAN/RELIGION RING - Up to recently, clients were in industry, and for Democrats, in labor. Republicans are expanding into religion. Republicans get the money and also the activism. What do Republicans offer? It's called "moral values," and its available as a commodity that is just as good as tax cuts, subsidies, special regulations or other commodities business groups like. And you thought they were worried about your soul?
The ringmaster for all these Republican Corruption Rings is Tom DeLay. What good is a ringmaster without a super-lobbyist? The super-lobbyist working with Tom DeLay is Jack Abramoff. The two make a perfect pair. They go on trips together, pull new clients into the system and make each Corruption Ring solidly Republican.

Tom DeLay has control over K-Street, where the lobbyists hang out. He reportedly has a list of K-Street lobbyists and each list entry is labeled "friendly" or "not friendly." If a lobbyist is "not friendly" - contributes to Democrats - he is treated as an enemy. Those "friendly" to Republicans get respect. This is the way the ringmaster keeps lobbyists and their clients under control.

By building and strengthening the Republican Rings of Corruption, Republicans plan to make America a one-party state. They are on their way towards unlimited power - unless they are stopped. The only group that can destroy these Rings of Corruption and bring America back to a full-fledged democracy is the Democratic Party. Help fight Republican sleaze and help build the Democratic Party.

Posted by Paul Siegel at June 1, 2005 2:07 PM