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What Have I Missed?

Nearly a month ago, I started Tumblers in The Lock of Time. Besides having a title that sounds like it belongs on a sci-fi film of some kind (perhaps one of these days), it was a labor of love/hate that kept me out of the loop for some time.

Anytime I felt like writing a new entry to address the latest outrages, a little voice in the back of my head said “Look, buddy, you started this, now you got to take it all the way.” Fortunately now, I’ve killed the source of that voice, and buried it under a ton of prose. Now I can turn my sinister attentions elsewhere!

John Bolton
We can't say the GOP is lacking in optimism. You'd have to have a hell of a lot of optimism to believe the explanation for why such a hothead gets put in charge of persuading a world we've alienated to clean up their act.

This is little different from the logic behind the invasion of Iraq, where we were told our incursion would have us greeted as liberators. We weren't, people resented being invaded, even if it was supposed to be for their own good. Same logic here. Take a man who represents the very faction and philosophy that alienated the rest of the world, roll him into the UN and expect all those who we've alienated to suddenly do things our way. Damn, that's so crazy, it just might not work!

It's a gesture of contempt at a time when our capacity to take on enemies without outside help is low. Further evidence, too, that the Bush administration just doesn't know when to quit.

A senators job is to vote? It's to think. To act in the best interests of those they represent. It's not their job to act as the executive branches rubber-stamp, especially not this one. The Republicans are taking a small majority and using it to push every issue they can on the rest of us. If the poor dears don't get every confirmation they want, that's just too bad. They should consider that maybe our founding fathers wanted folks to get in each others way, to curb the kind of political excesses that come of having people constantly getting their way.

Pension Crisis
It's this kind of occurence that I think should be pointed to when people start to gripe about the unpopularity of Social Security Privatization. It's also indicative of the modern Business climate. Whatever happened to the notion that well-compensated workers are happy ones, and that if the workers can't get raises and good things, neither should the executives? The fortunes of a company should be experienced across the board. Is is not good market sense that we should pay executives for results?

In conclusion...
Well, that was just my pent up rage for this time. Tune in next time as I yell at somebody for not coming to the politically expedient conclusion!

(What do you mean they don't agree on the WMDS?)

Posted by Stephen Daugherty at May 18, 2005 10:38 PM