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What's your Political Typology?

The Pew Research Center for the People and the Press has updated their “Political Typology,” their “effort to sort voters into homogeneous groups based on their values, political beliefs and party affiliation.” They aim to look deeper than the typical Republican/Democrat and Liberal/Conservative spectra.

Here are the groups they have identified (excerpted from a story on NPR):


Enterprisers: Highly patriotic and pro-business.

Social Conservatives: Highly religious and very conservative on moral issues.

Pro-Government Conservatives: Also broadly religious, but deviate from the party line in their support for more generous assistance for the poor.


Upbeats: Financially well-off moderates who express positive views of their finances, government performance and business.

Disaffecteds: By contrast, they are cynical about government and dissatisfied with their personal finances.

Bystanders: Young, financially struggling and even more politically alienated than the Disaffecteds.


Liberals: Affluent and highly secular.

Conservative Democrats: Highly religious and socially conservative -- most say the government should do more to protect morality.

Disadvantaged Democrats: The least financially secure of all the groups, and the most pessimistic about an individual's ability to secure success with hard work.

This is the fourth version of the typology since 1987, and the most interesting trend mentioned on the NPR broadcast is that Enterprisers were the big budget deficit hawks in the early typologies, and now it's Liberals: a complete reversal.

Of course, they've created a questionnaire so you can figure out where you fit in their categorization. I wasn't surprised at all to see that I came up as a Liberal.

Posted by LawnBoy at May 11, 2005 9:50 AM