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The Glaringly Hypocritical GOP Culture of Life

Two of the biggest allegedly principled stances of the GOP these days are limited government and a more nebulous idea they call the “culture of life”, after Pope John Paul II. The way they combine them, however, is rather peculiar.

To see what I mean, let's look at some stances that people, particularly the late Pope, have associated with the culture of life. I'm going to put them in two categories, and see if you clever debaters out there can see how I formed them:

Category A:
-the death penalty
-war (particularly when not waged in self-defense)

Category B:
-birth control (oddly enough)

See the pattern here? Items in category A are actions of the government; category B items are actions of individuals. Coincidentally (?), those Category A actions are also ways of life-taking permitted, nay heartily endorsed, by the GOP. Apparently, the stance of the GOP is that every life is precious until such time as the government, in particular the executive branch, deems it otherwise. (Judges don't get to decide.)

Of course, there are other distinctions you can make, and not all of them are pretty. The innocent people who dies in wars are foreigners, and predominantly people of color. Likewise, the death penalty is more likely to be applied to people of color. (Although to be fair, George W. Bush's indifference about whom he executes appears to apply to people of all races.)

Posted by Woody Mena at April 17, 2005 11:33 AM