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Let This One Go

Frankly, I agree with John Bolton, President Bush’s nominee for United Nations ambassador. I’ve stated several times here that the UN doesn’t accomplish much when it’s not led by the United States, and like any large organization, I suspect it could be “right-sized”. I had far more of a problem with Bush’s first UN ambassador, John Negroponte, the guy who turned a blind eye to CIA-trained death squads in Honduras during the Reagan administration.

The only problem I have with Bolton is his lack of diplomacy, and since President Bush has shown little interest in advancing US policy through diplomacy, much less through the UN, I say Democrats shouldn't sweat the small stuff. Just like we never heard a peep out of Negroponte when he was UN ambassador, John Bolton will fade into obscurity through neglect as well.

Obviously, I'd rather see a Richard Holbrooke, a Madeleine Albright, a Bill Clinton, or even a Jeane Kirkpatrick as UN ambassador, and as soon as the world is set aright and a Democrat is once again in the executive office, we'll see someone of that caliber nominated. The current crop of Republicans just aren't up to that standard, and it really doesn't matter since they don't believe the UN matters. In fact, I'm wondering what Bolton did to piss off the GOP and end up "exiled" to the UN.

I hope the Democrat's part in Bolton's nomination process doesn't go any further than asking tough questions. I mean, no one expects diplomacy from the Bush administration anyhow. The Democrat's focus should be on countering the more extreme Republican outrages, like underfunding and neglecting homeland security, defense, and the war on terror, nominating ultra-right wing activist judges, dismantling Social Security, and testing insecticides on infants.

Posted by American Pundit at April 12, 2005 9:17 AM