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Republicans And 'The Nuclear Option': 'Git 'R' Done!'

Following the January Iraqi elections, the spike in George Bush’s approvals certainly put a spring in his step and spurred a noticeable air of confidence. So, when he insists he’s not fazed by the continued slide in confidence the American people have in his job performance, that’s one lie from him I have no problem wanting to believe!

Go on over to EDM/Donkey Rising for Ruy Teixeira's dissection of the latest polling results, and see if you can detect the same potholes awaiting the Republicans that I noticed. Please keep in mind, that the next major battle is expected to be over 'the nuclear option'. That of course depends on whether Sen. Rick Santorum's assurances to the Conservative activists leadership (that Frist will pull the trigger), were a vast improvement over his previously unsuccessful sales job on Social Security.

Which proves yet again, that these neofundies are that f**king stupid and gullible.

Hello? Is it just me, or didn't Bill Frist already say he had the votes to rescind the filibuster? Guess that means, even the Conservatives don't read the Washington Times!

Take note of the consistency in polling on 'the nuclear option', and the American people are clearly opposed to it. I am confident their minds will not change, in part because the Dems were out front with a simple and unequivocal stance, while the Republican's disjointed arguments so far will remind many of the weak case they made for Social Security reform.

See where I'm going with this? The Republicans are damned if they do, and damned because they did! By doing the social Conservatives bidding on Terri Schiavo (and failing miserably), 'the nuclear option' will be the first battle in the Culture Of Life Crusade against 'activists judges'. And, with Bush distancing himself from Tom DeLay's call to arms, the Congressional Republicans should not be counting on any help from the boys at RoveVision, anytime soon.

Take away the foot brake (the Bush White House) and the emergency brake (a sense of reality in the Republican Party?), and a convergence of pressures will soon align behind the detonation of 'the nuclear option': unchecked by a gutless GOP, Tom DeLay will carry the public banner for the only party constituency that has not yet abandoned him; focusing solely on supporting the non-existent principles of eliminating the Senate filibuster, leading, non-wing nut Conservative thinkers (George Will, NYTimes' David Brooks) will offer cover, while ignoring the Randall Terrys' steering the bandwagon; and, a burned and insolent Conservative Echo Chamber, having endured the bitter taste of defeat and bad polling numbers waved in their faces, will pull out all the stops to stick it to a perceived, gloating Left blogsphere and Democratic Party.

Or, in other words, time to 'git 'r' done'!

Posted by Bert M. Caradine at April 11, 2005 6:24 PM