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Where are the Conservatives?

The Terri Schiavo case has exploded into public consciousness in the last few days, as her parents’ state appeals were exhausted and Federal Government stepped into the controversy. The debate is essentially a question of whether “life” is more important than law, and whether the government should intervene to save a life. So, where are the Conservatives arguing against this intervention?

If the comments of certain visitors to this site are to be believed, liberals have a bloodlust to kill Terri Schiavo:

  • I just saw a picture of a woman getting arrested for trying to give Terri Schiavo a sip of water. The left must be so proud. - Peter
  • Why is it the only time the liberials worry about the vaule of human life is when a murderer is about to be executed? - Ron Brown
  • When the right tries to protect someone's rights, the left will try anything to sabotage it. - TheTraveler
  • The left has a fit when someone tries to starve an animal to death. Are thier lives more important than Terri's? - TheTraveler

This attitude is extraordinary to me because this issue isn't being driven by a Democratic Party trying to kill someone. This issue is the result of a family disagreement that one part of the family took to court for years, and later took to Congress when the court said the law wasn't on their side. On this large scale, the Religious Right wing of the Republican party has taken the issue and made great show of trying to "save Terri," whatever Terri and her husband may have wanted.

So where are the Classical Conservatives, arguing that the Federal government has no right to interfere with the decisions of a state court on state law? Where are the Classical Conservatives, arguing that the Federal government has no right to interfere in a family decision? Where are the Conservatives saying that the law must be upheld and agreements between husband and wife honored?

I have talked to a close Conservative friend who is appalled at the governmental interference: "The thing that really pisses me off about the case is how the Republicans are being so F*****G Democratic." In his opinion, "using government to interfere with individual lives is supposed to be a leftist idea." Of course, I don't agree, but I do wonder why his voice is seemingly alone.

Has the Religious Right so completely taken over the Republican Party that distaste with government interference is no longer in the party? That now the Democratic Party will have to take on the ideas of protecting the people from the government? Have I just missed the Conservative voices against this interference? Is the Republican Party no longer Classically Conservative?

Posted by LawnBoy at March 22, 2005 6:59 PM