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Congressional Republicans Show Their Colors

With two years to go before they face the voters, Republicans in Congress are really starting to hit their stride. Recent posts have discussed the recent bankruptcy bill, which has been widely criticized as heavily biased in favor of the credit card industry. So run a tight ship, consumers! Stay out of debt! Or maybe, if that doesn’t appeal to you, run for Congress, where credit should be easy.

Senate Republicans just voted down a resolution to re-instate "pay-as-you-go" - a requirement that any proposed tax cuts be offset by corresponding spending cuts, and that new spending be offset by corresponding revenue increases. (And believe it or not, this rule of "pay for what you buy" actually works - last time congress used it we ended up running a surplus.) Chafee, Collins, McCain, Snow and Voinovich were the only Red Senators that crossed party lines to vote "yea", and so the motion was defeated, 50-50. I guess we should be glad that half of the Senators actually want to pay their bills?

The Republicans then celebrated their defense of easy deficit spending how? by voting down an amendment to increase spending for Veteran's health care, instead sticking with Bush's proposed plan which includes spending cuts, user fees, and higher drug costs. Which once again shows that "support the troops" doesn't necessarily extend to financial support - that easy money can't be just doled out to anyone, ya know. Chafee was the sole Red Senator to cross party lines on that vote.

Posted by William Cohen at March 17, 2005 1:19 PM