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The easiest way to drive traffic to your blog these days, is to include some manner of the word ‘Gannon’ in the title or body of an entry post, and just as quickly as one can type it into their search engine of choice, a multitude of lurkers with a Springer ‘jones’ shall appear at your web site’s front door.

I have been following the developing scandal closely, familiarizing myself with the daily revelations, acknowledging the prominent voices weighing in, and verbally battling the shell-shocked Right bloggers who are currently mining the very depths of ad hominem attacks, steeped in hypocrisy and distortions. Which reminded me that I've yet to check in with Gay Conservative Andrew Sullivan, only to find the self-hating, gutless pansy is conspicuously mute on the Gannon Scandal.

My main point here, is that now 25 days since the first Media posting on 'Jeff Gannon'/Talon News, my long held cynical certainties of an infallible Bush White House, a sustained, whipped MSM (Murdoch Seduced Media) and the envious influence of a simpering, dishonest cabal of Bush Apologists - are all being tested.

The palpable anger of November's Election returned this week, as I read the continuingly frustrated truths suggesting this controversy would look quite different if this arrogant manipulation was hatched in a Clinton White House, or involved some perceived outlet of the now debunked 'Liberal Media'. I noticed the three Washington Post articles written so far by media critic Howard Kurtz, were all buried in the publication's web site with no corresponding link on the WaoPo homepage. MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann was again out front on the story, obviously comfortable enough with their sexual identity not to be intimidated by the salacious details, that unfortunately in the Bush administration are now the proclivities that dare not speak their name.

If it were not for the ongoing, daily revelations (of a non-sexual nature), the continued disinterest of the media on this story could not have been challenged. But, it was this Raw Story post that gave me the first hint ever, in an attempt to understand the reluctance of the non-Conservative wing of the news media. In this era of corporate media behemoths, high stakes competition and expansion into profitable mediums carved up by a vengeful administration, threatening the career of a journalist writing critical pieces on the Party in power should not be considered an empty threat, anymore.

* * * *

What is fueling the (thankfully) so far unbroken string of stunning Gannongate revelations is the equally astonishing proof that a controlling and manipulative Bush White House can also be arrogant - to the point of being blatantly careless.

President Bush demands that while standing in the Oval Office ever man present must be wearing his suit jacket and tie, but we're suppose to accept the fact that neither Scott McClellan nor Ari Fleischer knows who gave 'Jeff Gannon' press clearance, and that a side gig as an alleged Washington male escort would not necessarily be uncovered in a routine security background check?

The latest revelations detailing 'Gannon's' alleged penchant for bragging to others about big stories soon to come out of the White House, actually reminds me of an episode of The West Wing. In it, Vice-President Hoynes resigns after previously confidential information showing up as news leaks, are traced backed to a gossip columnist who he was having an adulterous affair with.

Hey, it's a heck of a lot more plausible a scenario now, if you just accept the fact that being a married Republican is no longer an unequivocal confirmation of one's viral and exclusive Heterosexuality!

* * * *

Imagine what would happened if ABC News' Peter Jennings purposely distorted a Ronald Reagan quote, in a partisan endorsement of a controversial plan of the Democratic Party? What Fox News' Brit Hume just did in the ideological reverse further extends the boundaries allowing those in the Conservative Media to deceive and distort - with no threat of accountability.

So, it really should not come as any surprise, that their minions of the Conservative Echo Chamber have followed suit. Yes, the party of James Dobson, Alan Keyes, Rick Santorum and the Gay Marriage Ban Amendment are accusing the Left blogsphere of 'gay bashing', and of being 'morally bankrupt'. The same party in power that would dismiss badly needed Arab language linguists for being gay, and bar the Log Cabin Republicans from one of their state conventions.

Furthermore, the spiritual leader of the GOP, the Rev. Jerry Falwell, made it clear how tolerant the party is:

Falwell also suggested that gay conservatives are not welcome in the Republican Party. When Russert noted that Newsweek magazine describes Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry as a "conservative gay Republican," Falwell replied, "Well, the fact that he's a gay Republican means he should join the Democratic Party."

* * * *

This certified Beltway scandal, possessing all the necessary elements from salacious skeletons to Nixonian 'dirty tricks', is the talk of Washington. However, you'd never know that from watching this weekend's broadcasts of CNN's Capitol Gang and The McLaughlin Group. And, don't expect it to be addressed on the Sunday morning political chat show circuit either.

Letting columnists like Maureen Dowd and Frank Rich of the New York Times, Joe Conason and Sidney Blumenthal weigh in, holds no feared consequences for news editors still hedging their bets on this story. White House correspondent Dana Milbanks of the Washington Post can yuk it up with Keith Olbermann over Gannongate all he wants, just as long as reporters are not dispatched and this story does not end up on the front page of his paper.

The quieting indictments of the Lefty bloggers as reckless, unaccountable rumormongers, unearthing unsubstantiated 'revelations', while operating far above their pay grade, found maybe for the first time, the entire Mainstream Media in complete agreement.

By the way, for those of you playing along at home, you can now check off number #7, on your list of The 14 Signs of Fascism.

Posted by Bert M. Caradine at February 20, 2005 5:22 AM