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US President Targets Journalists for Softball?

Ever wonder exactly how skewed your news might be? Well, imagine a government that not only pays off pundits to push its own programs, but sticks a few “plants” into press conferences, make absolutely sure that there’s no problem staying on message. Imagine that the president is told before a conference that “the bald guy would lob him an easy one.”

Imagine that this "plant" was worked for a no-revenue news source, newly created a few days before he applied for a press pass - a news source that was an arm of something called GOPUSA. Imagine that his prior journalistic credentials were attending a single $50 seminar.

Imagine that he operated under an assumed name and had access to not only the president - that rarest of things for a reporter - but also to secret CIA documents. Documents that were leaked to reveal the identity of Undercover CIA Operative Valerie Plame in what Bush 41 called "an act of treason".

Imagine that this plant, given access to secret documents and Bush's press room, a man whose questions are reported in every major newssite in press-conference transcripts, a man who so ardently supports the anti-gay-marriage family-values morality-pushing Red government, also worked literally as a prostitute, a gay prostitute, no less. I do not recommend you follow the following link at work:

Imagine finally that this man was given access to the White House by fluorescent blue, fungoid aliens, who continually orbit the planet in an invisible spaceship made of energy and transmit messages into Karl Rove's skull via waves of anti-matter.

Or, you can imagine that everything I've told you is nonsense, and that the world that the government is trying to sell us, with their paid pundits and hundreds of millions in TV ads, is the real world. You can imagine that everything above is just nonsense put out by the Liberal Media to confuse and harass us, and to defeat the noble and truth-loving conservative media. It might feel a lot whole better to imagine that instead, so if you need to, go for it.

For the rest of us though, everything you read above is absolutely true. Except the bit about Karl Rove, that's conjecture.

Hard to imagine, huh?

Posted by William Cohen at February 14, 2005 7:59 PM