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The Great Pretender

If the only broadcast news program you currently watch (like me) is MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann, you’d assume the MSM (Murdoch Seduced Media) had come to it’s senses, by finally connecting the dots to expose the Bush White House’s blatant attempts to manipulate the media into propagating their preferred ‘message’. You would also assume, that the Bernie Kerik-like unraveling of salacious revelations surrounding yet another ‘journalist’ with a questionable partisan agenda, would be the lead story on every other evening newscast, as well.

But, if you're not familiar by now with the name 'Jeff Gannon' (which is now a proven, documented alias), maybe the fact that he was issued a White House security clearance and a seat in the press corps anyway, and is the reason why McClellan's office will not return repeated calls on the subject matter, may be of some concern to you.

On January 26, I just happened to be watching the President's press conference live, when the Talon News White House correspondent lobbed the fattest, partisan softball question to a grateful (and expecting) President. I must never again consider something so blatant would ever escape the attention of Media, who immediately launched the opening salvo of what is now tagged as Gannongate.

'Gannon's' brazen retort to MMFA's investigation was ballsy and defiant, until his bio and any previously established personal background began disappearing, starting with his ties to his now ex-employer Talon News.

Talon News Services' credentials as a legitimate news operation are as about as substantial as their White House correspondent's qualifications for rising to such a coveted Washington press beat. Talon has since been proven to be a front for the group GOPUSA, with nearly all of the new services' principles shown to have tentacles reaching far into the Republican Party and the Conservative Movement.

I am conflicted on whether to go with the unmitigated audacity or stupendous stupidity, to describe another failure of the White House vetting process and poor planning by Scott McClellan. On tonight's Countdown broadcast, Olbermann made the telling point that Jeff Gannon's real name had to have been known to the WH Press Office and the Secret Service - otherwise he would not have passed a security clearance.

Yet, one welcome by-product of the fallout from another blatant attempt by the White House to control the 'message', is that this debacle has given an embarrassed and resentful White House press corps an outlet and excuse to vent - specific to Gannon on the record, but pointedly about the Bush White House, on background. But, before starting this article, I checked the websites of all three cable networks, CBS, NBC and ABC, the New York Times and the Washington Post - and found absolutely nothing on this story.

Let us remember now, that at the root of the CBS/Killian Memo scandal was the hysterical and convoluted allegation by The Right (since disproved), that a Rather led Liberal media cabal was attempting to deceive the American people and smear the President with falsified documents. Conversely, here we have an uncovered scheme by the White House to place - under the guise of an impartial press corps reporter - a partisan 'plant', who has arrogantly admitted to excising large sections of the administration's press briefings and incorporating them (verbatim) into his articles and web news postings.

On a couple of occasions after patiently listening to someone from The Right rattle off a list of Liberal Media conspirators, I have challenged them to bring me such evidence, from say, National Public Radio. So far, I've had no takers. Which only supports the confession of leading Conservative William Kristol that 'the Liberal media was never that powerful, and the whole thing was often used as an excuse by Conservatives for Conservative failures.'

Many are now suggesting, that the hiring of Tucker Carlson at MSNBC and the pandering to The Right by incoming NBC News anchor Brian Williams, accurately reflect the partisan political views of (and maybe direction set by) General Electric CEO Jack Welch. Yet, even if there is not enough similar evidence to confirm the increasing Conservative corporate control over the news media, there does exist proof that their impartial counterparts are too scared to challenge their party leaders, and risk alienating their base.

By avoiding the subject of Gannon and leaving it to the 'fringe element' of the Lefty blogsphere, the Conservative Echo Chamber could then concentrate on pinning the anti-Iraq War Liberal Left with the wacky musings of Berkley throwback academics. However, the Gannon Investigation then turns creepy, and suddenly 'Jeff' goes and throws in the towel.

From this point on, I hope to enlist the help of others in firmly establishing the perception, then the belief that there now exists a clear and dominant Conservative bias throughout the Mainstream Media in this country. We will demand evidence to the contrary, while having at the ready, a large quantity of data indicting those who have enabled the injurious incompetence of the present administration - by their gutless refusal to hold them accountable for it.

I know that it will be a difficult challenge, but it helps not having to pretend you're right.

Posted by Bert M. Caradine at February 11, 2005 3:49 PM