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State Of The Union - Make Your Choice

Bush still wants to have his cake and eat it too. He wants victory in Iraq, and victory on Social Security. He has to pick one. He wants to bring privatization to the latter, even as his proposal heavily regulates where and how the investment can be made.

He wants permanent tax cuts and deficits cut in half. He wants all these programs, but also to cut the unnecessary ones. He wants Guns and butter, praise and controversy, exuberance and discipline. But if there's one thing I know about the world, it is that it demands choices, especially from those unwilling to make them.

This has not really been said explicitly, so I say it here: any reform, any policy must connect with the reality that exists, not the hypothetical version convenient to it. On Social Security we need to base our calculation on probable, accurate models of the future, not improbable and flawed ones. In Iraq, strategy must be based on more than hopes and dreams, and the support asked for must be for policies that win victories, not merely policies Bush likes. On the budget, the real results of our fiscal policy must outweigh the political ideology regarding these issues. We should not fill coffins because we maintain empty parade grounds.

With the all the crisises, domestic and abroad, that we are dealing with, the folks who waste money on porkbarrel should be in shackles. Bush should be willing to veto such waste, and should threaten to veto any waste that comes his way. With the Republicans in full power there is absolutely no excuse for such excess, and they are the only ones who can prevent it now.

With great power comes obligations to the greater spheres of order. As one's power to affect the world increases so must one care with one's actions. Bush must choose and choose wisely.

Posted by Stephen Daugherty at February 2, 2005 10:08 PM