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Some More Outrageous News

Those on the right that were justifiably outraged by the news that Armstrong Williams was paid to promote Bush’s policies, hang on. Williams said that there were others and guess what? This time, at least, he telling the truth. A syndicated columnist named Maggie Gallaghar was also busted as a shill for Bush.

How many others are there, I wonder? This second case didn't make much news - I guess the $21k of our tax dollars that she took wasn't considered enough to really make a difference? Or maybe we've just gotten used to it by now - like torturing suspected terrorists, it's just one of those things we have to live with. After all, we're in a world where government actuaries are threatened with unemployment if they tell the truth. If you're a Republican, shut up about it, it'll only damage the party. And if you're a Democrat, shut up about it, you're being a partisan whiner.

I'm outraged. But there is a silver lining - I'm glad Andrew Parker is outraged too. Hey, we can be outraged together, that's bipartisan.

And for the record, no one paid me to write this.

Posted by William Cohen at January 27, 2005 12:13 PM