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From satire to reality in six easy months?

A rather clever satire from last summer was Mole in Our Midst which argued that only one theory explained “the vast wasteland that George W. Bush has made of American governance”. Bush, the author suggested, was a double agent for Iran. His social agenda is set by the Iranian mullahs, and his foreign policy has destabilized Iraq and Afghanistan, and hence left power vacuums on either side of Iran - which greatly benefits it, and no-one else in particular. Quite amusing.

So what to make of this report from "fair and balanced" Fox news, titled Did Iran Use Chalabi to Lure U.S. into Iraq? The story asks, "What if the Chalabi-Iran information pipeline flowed both ways?...what if he was not the source but merely the channel for it? Is it possible that Iran used Chalabi and his organization to lure the United States into invading and occupying Iraq?

"The troubling reality is that Tehran would have had multiple motives for such a strategy...Washington did Iran a gigantic favor by eliminating a man that Iranians regarded as a demonic enemy...Iraq was the only credible strategic counterweight to Iran in the Persian Gulf region...Tying down the U.S. military in a nation-building quagmire in Iraq might reduce the likelihood that Washington would be able to take preemptive action against Iran.

"We will never know unless there is an independent investigation of all aspects of the Chalabi-Iran connection. Congress should insist on nothing less."

Thank goodness this is only Fox news - the ones that reported about "Communists for Kerry" with a completely straight face. Otherwise I'd start worrying about a having a president that could be so thoroughly hoodwinked.

Posted by William Cohen at January 22, 2005 2:46 PM