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Big Whoop

Another inauguration. Remember how the presidents and their families would get out of the car and walk along Pennsylvania Avenue? Remember how in 2001, when Bush tried it, security hustled him back into the car and sped the rest of the way to the White House because people were pelting him with rotten eggs? Good times… Good times.

Of course, after 9/11, what was considered good clean fun will likely get you disappeared into American Gulag X-Ray in Cuba.

If there is civil disobedience or violence, Sgt. Scott Fear [I don't make these names up - AP] of the U.S. Park Police said "we are prepared to make arrests, and mass arrests, if needed."

It's interesting that four years ago, the press was calling the inaugural protests, "the largest since those during Nixon's 1973 inauguration at the height of the Vietnam War." I wonder how it'll go this year after Bush's ill-conceived Iraq adventure.

Truth to tell, I suspect it'll be pretty tame. GOP operatives, donors, and Bush-fan ticket holders have taken up most of the space along the parade route,

"There's not a lot of space" for the public, said National Park Service spokesman Bill Line, but he noted that ANSWER [Act Now to Stop War and End Racism] had several spots along the parade route and "the largest single swath" of space of any group.

A lawyer for ANSWER, Mara Verheyden-Hilliard, said that 210 feet of street front was small compared with "the thousands of feet given to the exclusive use of the inaugural committee - they're trying to privatize Pennsylvania Avenue."

Let the $40 million special-interest-donations-in-exchange-for-presidential-access festivities begin. whoop. dee. doo.

Posted by American Pundit at January 20, 2005 5:34 AM