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Act Now to Enhance Diversity of Ideas

Not too long ago, a Red Team editor made an eloquent argument for political diversity on college campuses. I applaud the goal of diversity of ideas, and I don’t want to see this important point get lost - particularly since there appears to be second, unremarked subclass of America that also lacks diversity.

As we become increasingly distracted by social security, Abu Ghraib, Armstrong Williams, and the NFL playoffs, let us not forget the recent academic study which shows that in six academic fields, including anthropology and sociology, there are actually more liberals than conservatives. The study begins with a reference to an article poignantly entitled "Lonely Campus Voices" about the plight of "isolated conservatives" in a "hostile" world. Now, I've been reading a lot about tsunami and mudslide victims, but they honestly don't compare with the tragedy of an isolated, lonely, tenured anthropology professor who can't talk politics to his colleagues.

Since Jack's column, I've been doing some reading. Horrible to tell, this is not the only strata of our society that lacks political diversity! The 2004 election exit polls show that two out three of those earning $200,000/year or more voted Republican - a shocking, shocking lack of diversity.

Now, some of you will say, sure, that's not because of their personal convictions - it's because they're making out like bandits due to Bush's tax cuts. However, this hypothesis doesn't hold up to close examination. An informal survey I conducted on several high-income people revealed that none supported lower taxes on the wealthy for reasons of personal gain: invariably, they either supported lower taxes for philosophical reasons, or else just refused to answer the phone.

Others will say, ah, but what about the "liberal elite"? Sadly, like the California Condor, they are written about more than they are actually encountered. Though Google finds almost 10x more pages on the "liberal elite" than the "conservative elite", the liberal elite appears to be rather rare, from the exit polls.

In summary, there seems to be a second, unrecognized subclass of America in which new lonely, isolated souls are trapped in sea of political monoculture - the subclass of the very rich. Arguably, these people are even more important, culturally and economically, than anthropologists. But don't fear - I have a plan to help encourage diversity among the rich, and fight this Imminent Crisis!

If you are conservative, simply send as much money as you can afford to spare to me. I will collect it and give it to fund a few deserving true-Blue liberals, and lift them into the $200k income bracket. It may be hard to find liberals willing to suffer the loneliness and hostility, but I know a few brave, unselfish souls that are willing. Astonishing, yes. But some people will do anything for diversity. Posted by William Cohen at January 16, 2005 3:35 PM