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Selective Outrage

It reminds me of a behind-the-scenes article I read in Newsweek, describing the wildly contrasting moods of the Kerry camp versus the Bush camp, in the waning moments of the first Presidential Debate on October 1, in Florida. The buzz and mounting exhilaration of Kerry staffers concluded with high fives all around, while the practiced stoicism of Karl Rove greeted the press of ‘Spin Alley’, with his carefully worded ‘debate analysis’ already cerebrally spell-checked.

The Left-leaning blogsphere is all abuzz tonight, righteously eviscerating the Bush administration and his apologists throughout the Conservative Echo Chamber, now that the hunt for weapons in Iraq has officially been called off. Although, you'd be crazy to expect a mea culpa anytime soon, the fact that the decision was made a month ago and that White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan's official soundbite consists solely of playing the '9/11 card', this will only fuel the Left's anger and increase the calls for accountability.

On the other hand, there is a deafening silence permeating the cyber world of The Right, at this hour. My quick check of prominent Conservative blogs like Wizbang today, found only outrage over Prince Harry's choice of costumes, the poor choice of Kid Rock as an Inaugural performer, and the usual Hillary-bashing. The announcement was duly noted on the Free Republic Message Board though, with the consensus of the few that posted comments agreeing the search should start anew in Syria!

However, that fool's errand is about as plausible as any further attempts to possibly justify the invasion of Iraq. Yet, I still have no confidence in current polling reflecting (again) a significant disapproval of Bush's handling of the war - because we've been here before. Which begs the question - is it necessary for Iraq to descend into civil war chaos, before finally the American people will no longer accept deposing Saddam Hussein as the lone justification, either?


Compared to the case made to go war in Iraq, apparently the mistakes made by CBS in the Killian memo scandal were the work of 'a few bad apples'. To the dismay of those on the Right, the network and Dan Rather were exonerated of charges of partisan political skullduggery. However, further comparing this nonexistent vast Liberal Media Conspiracy (with the Kerry campaign as alleged co-coordinating co-conspirator), the credible, unanswered questions surrounding the Bush administration's payoff to Black Conservative pundit Armstrong Williams does have all the elements of a organized scheme to deceive the American people.

Apparently, we may have just found the Kryptonite to some in the Conservative news media - guilt by association. Along with Minority Conservatives, they are virtually alone in their criticism of Williams, with their further expressed dissatisfaction with the White House a sign of just how injurious this has been to an already shaky credibility. However, their 'principled' assertion of demanding accountability of one of their own is mere empty rhetoric, more in an attempt to save face and reputation.

Their calls for action and answers, are directed at no entity of serious consequence, and are conspicuously absent of any named Republican outside the White House and Education Secretary Rod Paige. The GOP Majority controls the investigative authority in both Houses of Congress, yet it is the Democrats who are on record demanding an official inquiry. (Update: A bi-partisan duo of U.S. Senators has called for an investigation, including relative documents to be turned over by the Education Secretary. The lone GOP member to step up - Arlen Specter, the Republican Conservatives love to hate!)

It's still not too late for the mainstream news media to recognize the dire need for serious journalism presently, unfortunately the signs are not promising. Switching over to watch MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann tonight, I caught the tail end of Hardball as Chris Matthews emphatically announced the pre-emptive scheduling of a very important hour long news Special Report, to air at 10 pm.

The topic? The fallout from the CBS News/Killian Memo investigation.

Posted by Bert M. Caradine at January 14, 2005 4:19 PM