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Clear Intent

Yesterday, I was among 3 million Kerry supporters who received an email from the Massachusetts Senator, where he stated unequivocally that there is not enough evidence of election irregularities in Ohio that would change the outcome in his favor. I cannot emphasis the significance of this statement enough, for if the singular mission and goal of those of us alleging fraud, official misconduct and voter suppression in Ohio was to negate George Bush’s victory, our efforts must and should end here.

However, the events of Thursday January 6, shall speak indisputably to our clear intent.

I have expressed here pointedly, my sole motivation for debating the allegations of voter fraud in Ohio was to get answers, and hold state election officials accountable for documented acts of voter suppression and intimidation against Black voters. 36 such questionable incidents were posed to Ohio's Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, in expectation of a reasonable explanation solicited by Congressman John Conyers, in an official letter. Not one of the allegations was addressed in Blackwell's response.

The mainstream media has long since proven to me, a calculated disregard for the concerns and plight of Black Americans, where as identical election fraud in the Ukraine is somehow much more relevant to their viewers. If the outrage over Ohio's election fraud were to be mediated solely in the court of public opinion (the preferred venue of the Conservative Right), 'Kenny Boy' Blackwell would not be so media shy, and the unprecedented events of today would be unthinkable.

Watching the floor remarks today on C-Span, it was obvious which side was speaking with conviction as they offered up credible evidence to support their case. Democrats were articulate, factual and pointed as they presented the proof that would be the basis for their objection - election irregularities that now an entire legislative body of Republicans will choose to ignore. If there was tin foil to be donned, then it would make appropriate headwear for the hysterical, shrill protestations of the Majority Party, who's claims of 'conspiracy theories' would make surreal, if not, unflattering news soundbites.

Democratic Congressional leaders Sen. Harry Reid and Rep. Nancy Pelosi may reportedly be dismayed by the actions of their party colleagues, however if they fail to grasp the importance of this issue (just as the Republicans have), then a change in party leadership must extent further than just the choice of the next DNC chair. And, to those who over exaggerated our intentions in mobilizing this objection in order to pronounce it an injurious setback, you were equally oblivious to our modest goal and unaware of the opportunities to seek redress, still available to us. As the eventful day came to a close, Republicans looked nothing like confident victors as they continued their rather intense assault on Sen. Boxer and the Dems, on cable talk shows and here in the WatchBlog Red Column. However, it would be lost on them to point out that in two years time - or more importantly, four years from now - it will not be the spin and the distortion that will be remembered, but the facts, evidence and the truth.

I have said all along that a Bush second term will do more for the Democratic Party, than overturning the election results in Ohio. But, what would give me complete satisfaction on the other hand, would be the cross-examination testimony of one Kenneth J. Blackwell, under oath.

Now, that's what I call a democracy.

Posted by Bert M. Caradine at January 8, 2005 1:23 AM